Types of Pallet Racking Shelves

Pallet racking is a type of material handling storage aid. It allows you to store materials on pallets in horizontal rows with multiple levels. They can be used to store a variety of materials. Depending on the type of pallet racking you choose, there are many different options. If you’re looking to save space, you can choose from one of the many different types.

What is the blue on a pallet for?

There are two main types of pallet racking shelves – egaproducts.com. One type is the teardrop style, which uses teardrop-shaped connector holes. This type of pallet racking allows for the horizontal beams to be securely attached to the upright frames. This style is particularly useful when space is a premium. Another type uses boltless beams, allowing you to lock the horizontal beams in place with minimal hardware.

Another type of pallet racking shelf is the V-divider. These are useful for separating large bulky items into smaller, more manageable sections. V-dividers are typically 36″ or 42″ deep and 36″ high. They are available in different heights, giving you the flexibility to make them the perfect size for your particular needs.

If you’re looking for an industrial-grade pallet racking system, you’ll want to find one that offers strength-to-weight ratio. Most racking systems are made of steel, but different types are available depending on their intended use. For light loads, cold-rolled steel will do just fine, while structural steel is required for heavier loads.