Heavy Duty Casters – Choosing the Right One For Your Application

heavy duty casters

Heavy duty casters are a crucial part of any cart or dolly. They allow you to easily move loads of furniture, tools, appliances and more with ease. This link https://www.castercity.com/heavy-duty-casters/

These casters are available in different sizes, specs and fastening types to fit your needs. The load capacity of these wheels is a big factor in selecting the right one for your application and will determine the safety of your equipment or cart.

Swivel casters are the most common type of casters. These wheels rotate 360 degrees and do not require alignment.

How to Install Heavy Duty Casters on Industrial Equipment

A swivel caster is usually used for moving furniture or other items that require a smooth movement. It is also suitable for transporting vibration-sensitive materials.

Rigid casters are designed for heavy machines and conveyors. These casters are usually used for industrial warehouses, food service plants and more.

Choosing the proper diameter is important for the caster to roll smoothly over cracks or uneven floors without damaging them. The composition of the caster wheel is another key consideration, especially where harsh conditions are present. Mold-on rubber or nylon casters are good choices for this purpose, as they offer a strong resistance to solvents and caustic substances.

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