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As one of the oldest independent chartered accountancy firms in Leicestershire, Rowleys has been in business for over 150 years. Founded by Edwin Playster Steeds in 1883, Rowleys has been a part of the community for almost as long. Today, the firm is based on Meridian Business Park, just outside of Leicester. In recent years, the company has grown in size, acquiring smaller niche practices and focusing on medical specialists.

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Despite facing tough economic conditions, Rowleys accountant has managed to diversify its client base, moving away from its traditional textiles industry roots. The firm has embraced new accounting practices and technology and is now acting for one-third of the Leicestershire GP surgeries. It is also growing its audit practice, a growing area for the firm as many smaller firms are abandoning audit registered status due to higher thresholds and regulations.

Tony Jarvis is a member of the Leicestershire Tennis and Squash Club and the Rotary Club. He aims to spend his retirement on the Norfolk coast and plans to play golf. A firm employee since 1984, Tony is widely known in Leicestershire and is a well-respected member of the business community. He believes that a strong accounting firm is a vital part of the community and works hard to make it the best.