Buying a Turkish Area Rug

turkish area rug

A Turkish area rug adds a touch of warmth to any room. These rugs fit in well with contemporary and traditional decor, and their natural Wool material helps reduce heating costs. The rug can be purchased in a variety of sizes, so it can be used as a focal point underneath a coffee table, or in other areas of the home. Rugs are also a great way to update a space quickly. However, they must be cleaned properly to ensure their longevity.

The first thing to keep in mind when purchasing a Turkish area rug is the proper way to care for it. Wool rugs, for example, hide dirt well and will gradually lose color and vibrancy over time. Fortunately, wool rugs are easy to clean, so it is not necessary to worry about this. Simply vacuum the rug every couple of weeks to ensure its good condition. And as you can see, the rug can last for many years with proper care.

Another important factor to consider when shopping for a Turkish area rug is the quality. Quality rugs will be handmade and will be more expensive than machine-made carpets. Handmade rugs are more expensive than machine-made rugs, but they are rare and can include a number of imperfections that add to the aesthetic. And while Turkish rugs are made in Turkey, they can be purchased from other countries as well, including Anatolia, Persia, and Afghanistan. The older the rug, the more valuable it is, as they are antique works of art.