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Buying a Wicker Hamper With Lid

wicker hamper with lid

A wicker hamper with lid is a great way to keep your dirty laundry out of sight while looking stylish. They also keep your room from smelling musty and mildewy when left unattended.

A wicker hamper with lid basket can be a useful addition to any home, and they come in many different styles, sizes, colors and materials to fit your decor. Whether you prefer natural wicker like bamboo, rattan or seagrass or something made from metal, there’s sure to be a wicker hamper with lid that fits your needs.

Choosing the Right Size

The size of your hamper is important. Generally, it should hold about a week’s worth of clothes. If you live with a partner, or if you like to pre-sort your darks and lights before bringing them to the laundry, consider one that has two or more compartments.

Laundry Made Easy: The Convenience of a Wicker Hamper with Lid for Your Home

Many wicker hampers feature removable fabric liners, which are ideal if you need to haul the load from your bedroom to the washing machine. They also protect clothing from damage, and help to prevent stains.

Add a Touch of Country

If you have a country or primitive-inspired room, this large Amish-made, primitive, rustic wicker laundry hamper with lid is a great choice. It features a premium, removable hinged lid that’s easy to open from either side. It’s nearly indestructible, making it the perfect laundry basket to add to your bedroom or bathroom.

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