Defective Medical Device Claims

If you are using a medical device that has harmed your health, it may be due to a defective product. experienced professionals online is important to contact a skilled lawyer to determine what type of defect caused your injury and help you receive compensation for your losses.

What is a defective medical device?

Faulty medical devices can cause severe complications, including the need for surgery and long-term care. Unlike other faulty products that can be discarded or returned, these devices are implanted inside the body.

The FDA monitors the safety of medical devices, and if they discover any potential risks or dangers, they work with the manufacturer to recall the device. A recalled device is usually placed under a Class I recall, meaning that there is a high probability of serious health consequences or death associated with its use.

However, even if a device is recalled, some manufacturers continue to produce and sell them, despite being aware of the risks. A manufacturer that ignores the FDA’s warnings or intentionally conceals a known risk may be liable for punitive damages in addition to compensatory damages.

These claims can be brought against any member of the chain of distribution, including the manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, or retailer. In some cases, there was a design defect from the beginning, such as when a company failed to include a necessary safety measure in the blueprint of the device. In other cases, the device was manufactured or distributed incorrectly. This could have occurred during the manufacturing process, shipping, or at the doctor’s office or hospital.