Expert Appliance Technicians Canada – Google Maps and Fake Addresses

When a household appliance stops working, the first instinct is to call a repair person and get it fixed as quickly as possible. But if you want to be sure you’re using the best Expert Appliance Technicians Canada you should take some time to check the Better Business Bureau and other reviews online before agreeing to a repair job.

How much do appliance technicians make in Canada?

The best appliance repair teams are so confident in their work that they offer a ninety day warranty on their labour and the manufacturer’s warranty on parts. That’s a big sign of quality.

In a months-long investigation, CBC’s Marketplace found that phoney Google Maps locations and fake company names are causing consumers to lose out on appliance repairs. Some areas had as many as 50 per cent of the local results returned as fake. And the bogus company listings change all the time, so one search may return a different result than another.

CBC’s investigation also found that some repair companies are using Google as a marketing tool, but not in the way they intend. Using a Google Maps search, an appliance repair company called Omega Appliance is listed in several locations across the country including Upper Beaches Appliance Repair, Leslieville Appliance Repair and Yonge and Lawrence Appliance Repair, but when Marketplace visited these sites they discovered that the listed address was either a strip mall or a food store.

In a statement, lawyers for the owner of Omega Appliance, Gurvich and Avnin, denied creating the fake location information and said they hired outside companies to promote their services online. But lawyer Jonathan Weingarten, who specializes in wealth management, says the tactics are reminiscent of FC Locksmith, which used fake addresses for its locksmith service.