How to Use a Horse Lead For Dogs

A horse lead is  a horse lead for dogs  (typically about 4 feet long) that is used to guide and direct a dog that may be interacting with horses. This type of training is important because dogs are unpredictable and may spook or harass a horse. In some cases, a dog will lash out and bite if the horse is frightened or provoked, so it is important to teach your dog how to interact safely with horses.

First, make sure your dog understands basic obedience commands, such as walk politely on a leash, sit, lie down and stay. Your pup must also have good leash manners in order to be safe around a horse, so work on obedience with a qualified trainer.

Leading the Way: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Lead for Your Dog

Introduce your dog to the horse in an enclosed corral or riding arena by letting him sniff the horse through the fence, with the dog on a lead line. Reward his polite sniffing with a treat and use the lead to encourage him to approach the horse from different angles and distances.

If the dog shows signs of aggression, back him up with a low, firm tone of voice. If the dog tries to lunge or nip, command him to “leave it.” Always supervise the dog and use a tether to keep him away from horses at the barn until he is confident and safe with his skills.

When introducing your dog to the horse, attach the lead line to the horse’s halter and present it to the dog. Let the dog take the line in his mouth and continue to click and reward until he is walking calmly next to the horse with the lead in his mouth.