How to Validate Email Addresses

validate email address

Check email  validation is a crucial step in the marketing process, and it’s essential to keep your email list clean. Without valid email addresses, your emails are more likely to bounce back or be delivered to junk folders. It’s also important to remove disposable emails that are used for spamming purposes.

There are several ways to validate an email address, and most of them involve some type of regular expression. But, these aren’t always effective or reliable, and they can be very time-consuming to implement.

The first method uses a simple regular expression that matches a string with the at sign (@) followed by one or more nonwhitespace characters. This can be useful for testing email address forms on your website or in a dialog box in an application.

Check Your Email List for Better Deliverability: Tips and Tools for Email Verification

Another method involves using data validation, which flags invalid addresses for you as you type them into a spreadsheet. It’s a little more complex, but it’s also faster and more accurate than the first method.

You’ll want to use this filter at least once a month to keep your list clean. Otherwise, you’ll start to see hard bounces from your list, which can impair your sender’s reputation and affect your deliverability.

You can find tools to validate email addresses online, such as DomainTools, that will quickly and easily check whether an address is valid for free. They also offer free search services to help you locate a valid email address for your business.