How to Verify Business Email Addresses

Email verification is a process that confirms the existence and validity of an email address. It helps to reduce email bounce rates and improves the deliverability of emails to the inbox. Invalid emails are a major problem for businesses and can cause many problems such as inaccurate campaign metrics, wasted time and money, risk of network and data breaches and spamming.

The best way to Verify Business Email addresses is through an email verification service. These services use multiple methods to check the accuracy of an email address. For example, they may ping an email address and check its existence in real-time. This method is fast, accurate and very reliable.

Ensuring Accuracy: Tips for Verifying Business Email Addresses

Once an email verification service has validated an email address, it can be used for future marketing campaigns. Invalid addresses can ruin your brand reputation by causing a high email bounce rate. A high bounce rate will damage your brand’s credibility, reduce your deliverability, and lead to more lost opportunities.

A professional email verifier can save you time, money, and resources by reducing your bounce rate and helping you connect with customers and prospects. It can also help to maintain your email platform’s deliverability rates and prevent you from getting blacklisted by the email service provider.

A good email verification solution should be easy to integrate into your internal systems. For example, Bouncer offers a free and open source API which is very easy for developers to install and use within their internal systems.