Kangen Water Review – Is Kangen Water Really Alkaline?

kangen water

kangen water is a brand of alkaline water ionized machines from Japanese company Enagic. These devices sit on your countertop and connect to your faucet, filtering your tap water before running it through electrolysis. This process uses electricity to restructure your water and create different types of ionized alkaline and acidic water for drinking, cooking, beauty and cleaning.Read more :kangenwater1412.com/kangen-water-side-effects

The ionized water created by a kangen machine can reach a pH of 9.5 without chemicals, but most modern water ionizers can go much higher. These high-pH levels are attributed to the antioxidants found in the ionized water. The machine also raises the ORP (antioxidant potential) of the water, which helps neutralize and dissipate accumulated toxins in the body.

Kangen Water Testimonials: Real Stories of Improved Health and Wellbeing

While the ionized water made by the kangen machine can be beneficial to your health, the company’s Kangen Water – Machines, Reviews & Benefits,  and false health claims may not. The company often uses fear-based tactics to sell its products, including ad campaigns that suggest kangen water will prevent cancer and other diseases.

Despite the fact that many of these claims are not true, Enagic has a strong presence online. The company’s website features a lot of positive reviews, with a large number of doctors, scientists, and nutritionists praising the benefits of kangen water. However, it’s important to understand that most of these reviews are likely sponsored by competitors, so be sure to check the source before believing any of the hype. These sponsored reviews are often a form of affiliate marketing, which can be identified by an “advertisement” label in the bottom corner.