Kratom Energy Shot Near Me

kratom energy shot near me

Kratom energy shot near me is harvested and crushed into a powder form that is marketed in capsules or in kratom liquid extract also known as kratom energy shots. The kratom extract is mixed with different additives and kratom strains to produce a variety of effects. Most of these kratom extracts are flavored to enhance the taste and make it more enjoyable to consume. A good example of a kratom energy shot is Viva Zen which has chaste tree berry extract, monk fruit and a little added sugar to give it a tasty refreshing kick.

This product is marketed as the number one selling kratom energy shot in the US. It’s a blend of four different kratom strains and herbal ingredients that is supposed to provide an invigorating effect with euphoria, motivation, and focus. It also supposedly reduces anxiety, boosts endurance and aids in pain relief.

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Vivazen’s products are widely available in physical stores like gas stations and local headshops as well as online. Their high customer satisfaction rating and the ability to offer a full money-back guarantee on their products make them worth a try for those looking for an alternative to caffeine-based energy drinks.

Vivazen’s website claims that their kratom is grown and harvested in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand using the highest quality standards. However, Reddit reviews are critical of the company’s low transparency and inconsistent product quality. In addition, some Reddit users have complained about a bitter or unpleasant taste with their Vivazen energy shots.