Lightroom Presets For Street Photography

Designed with street photography in mind, these lightroom presets add dark saturated colors and a fading effect. They are perfect for enhancing urban scenes, increasing contrast, and creating eye-catching photos with a touch of grit. They also work well with warm colors and can bring out a lot of detail in your shots.

Which Lightroom is best for photographers?

These Lightroom presets create a range of looks that can be used for street photography, from vintage to modern. Some create high contrast or saturated colors, while others mute the color and add a tint to simulate old film. Regardless of the look you choose, these presets are sure to give your photos an authentic, cinematic feel. URL :

This set of Lightroom presets is designed to enhance your photos of people and streetscapes, and includes 15 different effects. Its black-and-white filters can help you capture dramatic, moody images, while its highlights and shadows can make details stand out. It can be used for capturing urban street photography, fashion photographs, and landscapes.

If you want to create a more natural-looking photo, try this preset by PresetLove. Its granular controls let you adjust the intensity of its effects. For example, you can tweak the hue slider to change the blues from leaning toward teal to a more realistic look.

This set of street photography presets from PresetLove is designed to add a bluish tint and increase the saturation of your photos. Its warm tones can make your photos more vibrant and appealing. You can also use it to give your photos a more edgy look by increasing the contrast and sharpening the details.