Mobile Home Repair Tips

Mobile Home Repair Tips

Mobile Home Repair Tips are built with low quality materials, which may lead to deterioration over time. Keeping on top of repairs can prevent major problems from occurring, and help make the home more comfortable to live in.

It is very important to regularly check a mobile home for water damage. A small amount of moisture can quickly cause major issues. Water may soak into wood and other materials, creating rot, or even mold. It can also damage the floor of a mobile home, and should be addressed immediately.

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Door and window maintenance is also a must. Doors should always shut properly and windows should fit snugly. Usually, a squirt of WD-40 is all that is needed to fix any rattling or sticking that may occur. It is a good idea to replace the weather stripping as well, which tends to wear down and break easily.

A mobile home’s skirting, or perimeter enclosure, is also vital for insulating and protecting the home. It is a good idea to regularly look for holes in the skirting, as they can allow humidity and mold to enter the home. Skirting is normally made of a combination of wood, rock or vinyl and can be improved with a coat of paint. It is very important to have proper skirting ventilation as well, which can be determined by using a carpenter’s level.

These are just a few of the Mobile Home Repair Tips that every owner should be aware of. By focusing on these areas, owners can avoid a lot of expensive repair bills in the future.