Nomad Visa Spain – How to Apply For a Nomad Visa to Work Remotely in Spain

The nomad visa spain is a new category of visa and residence permit allowing non-EU professionals working remotely for foreign companies to live and work legally in Spain. Applicants need to prove that they have a contract of employment or, if freelancing, have been regularly employed by a foreign company, that the work they do can be completed from Spain, and that they are qualified or experienced in their field.URL:

What is the minimum income for digital nomad visa Spain?

Applicants also need to demonstrate that they have sufficient income to cover living costs and maintain their normal level of activity, as well as proof of health insurance. They must provide payslips, work contracts, bank statements and other similar documentation to prove their monthly income. In addition, they must have at least two passport-sized photographs.

Once the applicant has all of the necessary documents, they can apply for their visa at a Spanish consulate or embassy in their country of origin or in Spain itself. Depending on the country, the process can take from a few weeks to several months. The timeframe is mostly due to the need for apostilles and translations.

The most important document required by the embassy or consulate is the application form with a clear criminal record certificate. A sworn statement stating that the applicant has not had a criminal record in Spain or their home country is also required. Applicants must also have proof of social security coverage, as they will be expected to pay their contribution to the Spanish social system.