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Promoting Your Brand With Vinyl Circle Stickers

vinyl circle stickers

Vinyl circle stickers | Vinyl Status are a great way to promote your brand, events, business or art. With a variety of options, including matte and gloss lamination, you can be sure that your design will look great on any surface.

We use high quality vinyl that’s both waterproof and scratch-resistant. This means that your stickers won’t get damaged by the elements or wear out. You can put them on a bumper, a water bottle, a packaging or even your laptop – the possibilities are endless!

Our custom circle stickers are perfect for promoting your brand, event or artwork. We can print your logo in full color on white or clear vinyl, and we can also cut your stickers to any shape you choose.

Vinyl Circle Stickers: A Guide to Design and Application for Your Brand or Business

Our stickers are made from a premium, waterproof vinyl and a UV resistant laminate. This ensures your sticker will last for years without fading or scratching. We can even change the laminate to a gloss or matte finish for an additional cost.

Can I apply my sticker to a window or wall?

Stickers can be applied to most clean, smooth surfaces including glass, plastic, metal or even wood if it’s sealed. The only exception is when you’re using a sticker on a car, in which case you should call Glenbrae signs to see about supplying and fixing the label onto your vehicle.

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