Tattoo Shop Dallas TX

The Dallas tattoo scene is exploding with mega talented artists that are skilled in many different styles of tattooing. It is important to choose an artist that you are comfortable with and whose style matches your vision for your new piece. Many tattoo shops prefer appointments and will not allow walk-ins unless they are free. Lamar Street Tattoo Club is because they want to give their clients the best service by ensuring they have enough time for your tattoo.

Is $100 enough for a tattoo?

One of the fastest rising tattoo shops in Texas is Lady Magnolia. This vintage shop puts a priority on making the customer feel at home in the space and has an incredible portfolio from their resident tattooers. This includes bold full-color illustrative work and fine line black and grey pieces.

Another popular choice for a Tattoo Shop Dallas TX is the Artistic Encounter located in Deep Ellum. This tattoo studio has an extensive list of resident tattooers that specialize in American traditional, neo-traditional, Japanese, lettering, and black and grey tattoos. They also offer piercings and microblading services.

Pristine Ink is another private appointment-only tattoo shop in the Dallas area. Their artists are experienced in a wide range of styles, including traditional, photorealism, and 3D. They also have a sanitary and hygienic environment with OSHA bloodborne pathogen certification. The owner, Jason Call is an award-winning tattooer that specializes in geometric tattoos. He has a strong Instagram presence and is known for his intricate line work.