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Weird Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Weird questions to ask your boyfriend can include if he has a harem of wives or a brood of children. If you’re close friends or brothers, he’ll probably be honest about the answer, but if you’re not romantically connected, he’ll probably be a bit more cautious. After all, most guys have secrets from their childhoods, so he may not be willing to share them.

Serious Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

Awkward questions should be asked when both people are at ease, such as during a game of truth or dare, or when you’re both in the bonding stage. The questions can test the calculative skills of both of you. But they should not be too difficult. You don’t want to make your relationship sour with too many awkward questions.

You can also try asking him about his past relationships. These questions will help you gain his trust, and you can also learn about his wild side. If you ask him about his favorite movies, shows, or sports, you’ll learn more about his personality. These questions may even lead to ideas for themed celebrations and gifts.

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