What Is a Temporary Agency?

A temporary agency (also known as a staffing agency) helps match job seekers with short-term roles at client companies. Temp agencies operate across many sectors and industries, providing employers with the workforce resources they need to meet immediate project demands while helping job seekers find flexible employment that aligns with their skills and availability.

Eu Workers interime btp agencies have large pools of workers to draw from. The agency screens the worker pool, weeding out unsuitable candidates and verifying that they have the necessary skills to perform specific jobs. When a company contacts a temp agency for help, the agency sends the appropriate workers to the site, billing the employer based on the number of hours the temporary worker works. Typically, the agency also collects a small fee to cover the cost of running the business.

Working Temporarily: Tips and Benefits of Short-Term Employment

Temporary agencies often conduct basic interviews with job applicants, which they use to create a list of suitable candidates. They may also check that a candidate has the necessary background and skills to do the job, carry out health tests and conduct drug tests on selected candidates. They will also maintain contact with the temporary employee throughout their assignment and ensure that the employee is meeting expectations for both the client company and the temp agency.

Temp agencies provide a wide range of roles, from office and light industrial work to more specialized positions such as engineering and management. The vast majority of these are temporary assignments that last for one day or a week. Those that are longer-term are referred to as contract or specialized roles, and can extend for up to a year. In some cases, the temp agency will offer a temp-to-hire arrangement, allowing the temp worker to transition into a permanent position with the company after a trial period.