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What is a Turbo?

A turbocharged RTR, or turbocharged remote control vehicle, normally produces higher torque than a stock vehicle. This extra torque helps you get faster lap times, while the additional power allows you to do more wheelies. If you are looking for a fast and agile little truck with lots of character, then a gturbo charged 100 series turbo diesel fourWD is what you need! However, there are some limitations to turbocharged trucks – for example, they are just not suitable for wet or muddy conditions and cannot be used on steep hills or mountains.

How to use Turbo?


Turbocharging an RTR is fairly straightforward, as you will see when you go looking for aftermarket parts. Basically, the turbo is basically just a bigger version of the landcruiser’s turbocharger, thus saving you space and adding more power to the process. As mentioned above, a turbocharger can also help you reach higher speeds due to the increased torque, and it helps by supplying a better breathing path to the combustion chamber, thus increasing the amount of oxygen-rich combustion that can be produced. As a result, more power is generated, which increases your agility and maneuverability, at the same time increasing the amount of fuel you can consume while driving. For this reason, the gturbo is becoming very popular among turbo RC truck drivers!

Theturbo is the turbocharged version of a landcruiser and it has been promised to be the closest thing to a ‘real’ turbo in functionality. Now, although the turbo is similar in looks to a turbocharged SRE and almost sounds similar, it is not in any way related to the original turbocharger, which has long since been outdated. If you are looking for performance and power in your nitro-powered RC car, then you should really try a turbo!

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